AuthentiCity. Absurdistan

Stoneware, clay, underglaze pencil, glazes, pigments, liquid gold, 1250°C


This piece explores the theme of authenticity of human existence. The sculptural installation consists of five parts, symbolizing the stages of self-awareness and modes of functioning in society:

1) “Normaland” – an inauthentic state in which the norms of society are accepted without question;

2) a) “Institute of Conformism” – an adaptive approach; the absurdity of the rules is well recognized but no resistance takes place; swimming downstream;

b) “Department of Imitation” – a panicked imitation of normality when the awareness of the situation creates despair but at the same time fear prevents one from quitting the system;

c) “Ministry of None of Your Business” – the role of architects of meaninglessness, creation of grotesque fiction which serves political gain at the expense of the freedom of each individual;

3) “Factory of Freedom and Social Exclusion” – the refusal to be a part of the system, withdrawal from it, the constructive pursuit of freedom which does not necessarily make the individual happy.

In order to execute the idea behind these pieces I use the metaphor of a city: architectural elements, symbolizing the five stages of societal self-awareness that I have previously mentioned. Spatially these architectural elements are surrounded by and interact with smaller figurative sculptures – the inhabitants of the city. They symbolize individuals who choose or unconsciously act in accordance with one or oftentimes several of the principles I define, choosing different strategies of adaptation or, on the contrary, non-adaptation in various situations of life.

The artwork is available to buy. Each big architectural sculpture costs 2250€, each small figurative piece – 160€.

“Department of Imitation”
“Ministry of None of Your Business”
“Institute of Conformism”
“Factory of Freedom and Social Exclusion”
“Factory of Freedom and Social Exclusion”